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An Irreverent Guide to Living & Working from Anywhere

This is the anti-broke, anti-backpack, anti-Ramen, anti-"sharing a smelly room with a guy named Sven," anti-$5/hour-freelance-gigs, anti-"be grateful for what you've got," anti-"putting off travel until I can save enough money," anti-"wish I lived my life instead of reporting to some guy named Bob for forty years," anti-dream zapper, anti-excuses, anti-boring newsletter for adults who want to live & work from anywhere in the world.

Go ahead: bring your family. Stay a few months in an Airbnb. Sign up for a retirement plan! Own property in Portugal. And even carry a real suitcase. It's a dare.

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Reinvent Your Career & Work from Anywhere in the World

Start a high-income nomadic business you can run remotely from the cliffs of Ireland 🇮🇪 , the fjords of Norway ⛰, or your sister's house in Maine. 🏡 We'll help you escape the rat race, earn a healthy income remotely, travel as a fundamental right, and love the life you live.

welcome to the selfish life

Rent a design-forward apartment in Florence, surrounded by incredible wine bars, ateliers, & art galleries. 🎨 🍷 🧥 Head to Scandinavia in the spring to write, photograph, or draw from the hazy shores of a little red summer house. ✍️ 📸 ⛵️Worldschool your kids in a walkable and friendly neighborhood in Portugal, France, or Scotland. 👩‍👩‍👧 🏞 ✏️ 

Sell Your Sofa. Put Aunt Jennie's Vase in Storage. Take the Leap. This is Your Reset Button.

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Gone are the hostels, backpacks, and questionable choices in liquor (mostly): today, the fastest-growing segment of global nomads is the modern professional, building a remote business alongside their family or partner, earning a high six-figure income, traveling to places like the French Riviera or London’s Mayfair, staying in design-forward Airbnbs and subscription hotels, favoring exciting gastronomy and a bon vivant lifestyle, seeking out unique and authentic experiences, having plenty of space in their day, and redefining what it means to be a modern digital nomad today.

Meet the Selfish Nomad

Sound like your kind of garden party?

Travel should be a fundamental component of any modern career model. Yet, for most #remotework roles, employees can't leave their state as the result of two little words: tax implications.

You should be able to contribute meaningfully and build a successful career while also being able to meander down an ancient cobblestone alley in Italy; to watch people come alive as they greet one another in Ireland; to sit at a cafe and sip on an espresso while you read a worn paperback book; to discover who you are and what you really think and believe—these are all things that help the human soul thrive.

Research consistently shows that frequent travel has a massively positive effect on life satisfaction. New & diverse experiences can expand thinking. A sense of awe can help reconnect us to what matters. An all-new world invites questions, ideas, and engagement. And travel not only helps us explore our outer landscape, but our inner landscape, too. 

It's a necessary part of the modern human experience.

And yet, if you're in an open-office floor plan in Minneapolis, you are not entering a cathedral in France to gasp. Outdated career models—including current "remote work" models—have made it impossible to have any real control over your time, your work, or your life.

  • The 9-5 is dreadfully broken (we've known this for a long time)  

  • Remote jobs still expect you to stay seated for 8 hours a day—sometimes with your camera on or Slack active—during standard business hours...or more

  • Most remote jobs don't actually permit travel because doing so sets up out-of-state and out-of-country tax obligations <--This is a major problem, essentially stripping professionals of one of the most significant benefits of remote work in the first place

  • And, for those who have already traded the traditional work model for a freelance model, the realization quickly occurs that, unless you know how to properly sell your ideas, you'll be trading time for dollars from a dark room all day instead of hiking a trail in the sunshine in Portugal.

SELFISH FOREVER is on a mission to dismantle outdated work models that no longer work for modern living & introduce you to a new one: one in which your work and professional contributions are decentralized from a central authority—in this case, an employer; one in which you're able to earn independently no matter where you are in the world; one in which your time is detached from your value; one in which you have leverage and control over what you earn, where you earn it, and how you spend your days.

Because now, there's a new way of earning.

The Current Model of Work is Broken—And That Includes Remote Work

After working with thousands of professional nomads for 13+ years, we've adopted a systematic approach to hitting a high nomadic income by focusing on eight (8) high-impact levers proven to maximize your income as an independent professional from anywhere in the world. When you take our course, we'll help you apply those principles to your own existing or new remote business, so you can skip the learning curve and do what you start earning fast.

Earn a High 6-Figure Income Remotely

goal #1 of the SELFISH method

We're Changing the Way People Live & Work

introducing the SELFISH METHOD

A core tenant of our method is its emphasis on Time-as-Profit. We weight your leisure time as equally as we do your income, and consider it a fundamental measure of success: our goal for our clients is to overcome industrial-era notions of how long the work day should be, and instead, be as effective as possible while also building in as much space into their day as possible in order to fully explore their environment and have time to pursue soul-enriching activities without sacrificing financial outcomes. Go ahead, take the afternoon off. And tomorrow, too.

Work 4-Hour Half Days

Goal #2 of THE selfish method

The average United States professional gets two weeks off a year. Using that as our baseline, our third goal is to help our clients travel a minimum of 12 weeks a year, or 3 months per year—a 500% increase from the standard—whether it’s to the fjords of Finland or just to your cousin’s lake house in Michigan, you’ve now got the freedom to do so...whenever you want. (And if you're feeling really brave, let's make it permanent!)

Travel 500% More

goal #3 of THE selfish METHOD

    How to Do Work You Love While Traveling the World

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    This free workshop, coming in April, will give you an overview of THE SELFISH CAREER METHOD & offer a roadmap for going from "I'm stuck in a career that makes me miserable" to "taking my family to Ireland for the year and earning a healthy income while enjoying my life." 👒 🍷 👢 🏡 🛣


    "Don't forget to revisit the wonder you had — before you were under the weight of this world."

    We're on a mission to help the modern professional, corporate executive, and adventurous family Travel as a Lifestyle (TaaL), reinvent the way they work, decentralize their income, and develop a nomad-friendly career that can be done from anywhere in the world without sacrificing financial security.

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