Start a smart online business you can run from anywhere in the world. The Selfish Method will show you how to create a $250K side hustle based on your passions, while working 50% less and using zero social media, so you can enjoy your life more.

an all-new era has arrived

push the reset button

Sell Your Sofa. Put Aunt Jennie's Vase in Storage. Take the Leap. This is Your Reset Button.

Introducing the all-new Selfish Nomad, building a remote career, earning a quarter million dollar income, traveling to places like the French Riviera or London’s Mayfair, staying in design-forward Airbnbs and boutique hotels, favoring exciting gastronomy and a bon vivant lifestyle, seeking out unique and authentic experiences, having plenty of space in their day to pursue art, pleasure, purpose, and redefining what it means to be a modern digital nomad in the year 2024. 

Whether traveling autonomously, with a spouse, or with the family, the Selfish Lifestyle is the future of the way we live and work.

Take Yourself to Italy, France, a Chic Cottage in Nantucket. Work Spacious, Leisurely Half Days. Do Really Great Work That Feels Good. And Find Yourself, Again—Wide-Eyed, Fulfilled, Well-Traveled, Happy...and With Damn Good Money in the Bank.

And it's an all-new era.

Then, live this way forever.

This movement has been in progress for years—the pandemic only served to accelerate the inevitable. It began over a decade ago when the first Generation 1.0 digital nomads put up a resistance to the traditional 9-5 paradigm, paving the way to an all-new career path that didn’t previously exist: the early-prototype online business. 

The early-prototype online business leveraged technology to share a message far and wide, creating miniature sub-cultures of fans who were interested in a specific topic.

This was, in effect, a large-scale social experiment—and, it worked. Early online creators were rewarded handsomely for their leadership at a time when people were just starting to look for a new American dream: one that didn’t feel so disrespectful to their souls. 

However, a new problem soon emerged: rapid-fire burn out. 

Without any guardrails on this new entrepreneurial experiment, many online creators began burning the candle at both ends. How do you keep up with all the increasing demands, the content, the newsletters, the communities, the DMs, the posts, the replies, the dings, the tasks, the noise? How do you constantly create to keep things flowing? How do post enough so people are engaged? How do you stay true to your vision when there are so many things that need to get done?

Online creators became just as worn down as their corporate counterparts, creating a type of self-imposed prison. Today, however, they're seeking a new, ease-filled version of business—and an all-new lifestyle to boot: one that values time, experiences, travel, and joyful, authentic living as much as it does success.

Selfish is Pioneering an All-New Way to Build a Lucrative Remote Career and a Spacious, Ease-Filled Life. 

SELFISH IS here to help YOU CREATE that.

meet the future

Here’s what matters to people like us:

Happiness, fulfillment, mental health, physical health, relationship health; money for pleasure; money for travel; money for saving; money for investment (oh, to own an Airbnb in Maine! *swoon*); flexibility with how you use your valuable time and energy; time to work on your own creative projects; time to be a better friend, daughter, sister, mom—

—time to be better to yourself. 

And, we want money—lots of it—but in a way that feels like ease. 

And we want time—lots of it—but in a way that feels responsible & healthy, without sacrificing our career aspirations or financial ambitions.

“I'm Not Interested in Hearing About Six-Figure Success Stories Unless They Involve Sleep, Food, Vacations, and Self-Care, Too. To Me, That's True Success.”

$250K+ and…let’s rent you a design-forward apartment in Florence, surrounded by incredible wine bars, ateliers, & art galleries. 🎨 🍷 🧥

$250K+ and…let’s send you to Scandinavia in the spring to write, photograph, or draw from the hazy shores of a little red summer house. ✍️ 📸 ⛵️

$250K+ and…let’s give you the ability to worldschool your kids in a walkable and friendly neighborhood in Portugal, France, or Scotland, surrounded by luscious parks and green space and incredible schools. 👩‍👩‍👧 🏞 ✏️

It’s more than possible. 

We're Talking "$250K and Take Your Family to Ireland All Summer" Kind of Pleasure.

In fact, it's what we do.

we want money and TIME


A best-selling Substack publication on nomadic living for the modern professional + family. ⛰️ 📸 🧥 🍷 Read across 50 US states & 123 countries.

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Travel and explore Lake Como, take that painting class in town, have lazy afternoons with your family, climb that mountain, mosey around that farmer’s market, learn that French, buy those fresh-cut flowers, ride that bike through meadows, stop at that country pub, chat up the town mayor, teach your kids how butterflies work, keep that journal, cozy up with that tea, get that massage, reflect on your dreams, indulge in pure pleasure, and unlock a new way of living life. 

One where work is fulfilling. Money is abundant. Ease is present. And time feels endless. 

Selfish School Helps Professionals & Families Earn a High Remote Income While Also Enjoying an Abundance of Time To: 

The Secret? The Selfish Method™️

The selfish method™️ is our proprietary nomadic business framework.

The framework focuses on earning two different forms of income: hard-currency income ($) and time income ($T).  

It’s this dual-income framework that makes our methodology revolutionary. 

Our method explores how to hit the $250K mark in 24 months or less. This provides your hard-currency income structure that earns you a generous income from anywhere in the world. ✅

but, what makes it one-of-its-kind is that it’s also built strategically to help you earn back your time ($T).

Time Income ($T) earns you the spaciousness in your life you crave—without getting trapped in a neverending hamster wheel of running an online business.

THE SELFISH METHOD™️ is set up uniquely to optimize time efficacy and take advantage of modern technology, allowing for a completely new model of work: one in which requires only half the traditional time investment so you free up the other half of the day to get back to what matters most. 

Your life. ✅

You can't enjoy ease until you have independent financial security. After working with thousands of professional nomads for 13+ years, we've adopted a systematic approach to hitting a high six-figure income by focusing on eight (8) high-impact levers proven to maximize your income as an independent professional from anywhere in the world. When we work together, we'll help you apply those principles to your own existing or new remote business, so you can skip the learning curve and do what you start earning fast.

A core tenant of our method is its emphasis on Time-as-Profit. We weight your leisure time as equally as we do your income, and consider it a fundamental measure of success: our goal for our clients is to overcome industrial-era notions of how long the work day should be, and instead, be as effective as possible while also building in as much space into their day as possible in order to fully explore their environment and have time to pursue soul-enriching activities without sacrificing financial outcomes. Go ahead, take the afternoon off. And tomorrow, too.

The 3 Goals of The Selfish Method™

Earn a High 6-Figure Income Remotely

Work Spacious, 4 Hour Half Days

goal one

goal two

The average United States professional gets two weeks off a year. Using that as our baseline, our third goal is to help our clients travel a minimum of 12 weeks a year, or 3 months per year—a 500% increase from the standard—whether it’s to the fjords of Finland or just to your cousin’s lake house in Michigan, you’ve now got the freedom to do so...whenever you want. (And if you're feeling really brave, let's make it permanent!)

Travel 500% More

goal three



A best-selling Substack publication on nomadic living for the modern professional + family. ⛰️ 📸 🧥 🍷 Read across 50 US states & 123 countries.

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Sipping tea on the patio of an Airbnb in Provence, or Santorini, or Buenos Aires, or Edinburgh.

Spend your mornings working no more than 4 hours—that's our goal!—before breaking for lunch... and life.

Have the whole afternoon off to leisurely stroll through markets, parks & footpaths.

Be able to ride your bike to pick up a crisp vine of tomatoes for dinner, a fresh loaf of bread & flowers.

Have plenty of time to play catch with your kids, explore nature & read stories.

And spend the evening researching your next destination—Finland? Cyprus? Montenegro?

By later this year, you can be...


Ash Ambirge


ASH AMBIRGE is a writer, traveler, nonconformist, nomad since 2009 and founder of SELFISH SCHOOL.

Ambirge's flagship book (Penguin Random House) & best-selling Substack newsletter on nomadic living, read in all 50 states and 123 countries, has helped hundreds of thousands of people live and work from anywhere while doing meaningful work that matters and enjoying their life in the process.

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