+ Unpopular opinions about crustaceans
+ New ideas about ways to earn a living that don't require you to be a sucker
+ How to actually enjoy your life while working less and traveling to Ireland more
+ A real zest for extreme pearl wearing
+ Favoritism for bars with mafia pool rules
+ Zero ambition to be a good girl who bakes casseroles & smiles politely
+ BUT ALSO: a creepy affection for small-town Main Streets & freshly-mowed lawns
+ Currently searching for the most livable places in the world (casual hobby)
+ Unbridled enthusiasm for storage units and guys named Bob
+ Deep fear of waking up and not having any water on the nightstand
+ Entirely unbalanced accounts of nearly everything, including my morals
+ And at least three Freudian slips around my true feelings about bracelets
(They make your arms look like baby wiener sausages at an Italian wedding)

ASH AMBIRGE is an American author, writer, traveler, nonconformist & nomad who writes about unconventional ways to live a happier life. Her signature newsletter, The Middle Finger Project (Penguin Random House) is one of the longest standing bodies of work about digital nomadism and unconventional career choices, with her voice being called "a voice of originality in a world with too little of it" by author Seth Godin. Inside, you'll also find a fun-filled selection of the following:

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