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Ash Ambirge writes SELFISH FOREVER, a spunky humor column about how to live & work from anywhere in the world, and is the creator of SELFISH SCHOOL, an online course that teaches professionals & families how to live & work from anywhere without sacrificing financial stability. Her flagship book, THE MIDDLE FINGER PROJECT 👀 (Penguin Random House) is known as the book you read when you hate your job & can't take one more Powerpoint from Kathy in HR. She's taught thousands of people how to live & work differently, yet still spells "commitment" with two t's...every...single...t-time.

An elder millennial, blogger, digital nomad since ‘09, and original pioneer of the creator economy, Ambirge has written a newsletter for over thirteen years from the road, wrote one of the longest-standing blogs on unconventional living & work today, has been quoted by Seth Godin as “a voice of originality in a world with too little of it,” has taught thousands of students how to work remotely online, and has been featured in numerous outlets such as The New Yorker, The New York Times, The BBC, CBS Radio, The Jenny McCarthy Show, Entrepreneur Magazine, and hundreds of podcasts. 

Her early work focused on finding unconventional ways to live a better life & do work you’re proud of—“it's gonna be scary but that's better than your greatest hits being taking the trash cans back and forth down the driveway”—and helping others use their voice as a tool to increase upward mobility, create economic opportunity, and increase one’s sense of personal agency in their career and life. Raised in a trailer park in rural Pennsylvania, Ambirge’s background has heavily influenced her ideas, as detailed in her book. 

In business for herself since the age of 25, her writing afforded her a global nomadic lifestyle she became known for; she's been perpetually traveling since 2009 and today, she writes about the modern digital nomad economy, remote work, and how to use creativity and technology to do what you love from anywhere in the world.
Ambirge also serves as an advisor for global hotel brands, tourism boards, companies, cities, and places who want to find creative ways to attract remote workers and make their destination the most desirable place on the map. Sometimes even tries to advise herself whenever there’s a piping hot pizza nearby.