Selfish 101

"I feel like I won the freaking lottery with this course. I love the Selfish Model - 'simple, lean, easy.' I don't want a business where I'm exhausted & time-strapped all the time."
—Kari Lee Writing Services

Start a $250,000 Online Business Without Social Media

You want an online business you can do from anywhere in the world. Buuuuttt, you dread the idea of performing on social media, and running communities, and engaging, and doing webinars, and videos, and Reels, and TikTok, and the never-ending hamster wheel of constant content creation. Welcome to The Selfish Method—a fresh new approach to a joyful, simple online business that works.



start a $250K online business without social media

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"Margi's guide was kick-ass indeed and quite literally changed how I show up on social." - Jen Olmstead

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We’ve all got cabin fever. This is our cabin era, is it not? We all basically want to go frolic in a cabin in a faraway land where we can wake up & walk in a meadow with our coffee, do a few hours of meaningful creative work, & have a fresh lunch of lemony-ass asparagus. After that, we want to spend the rest of the afternoon leisurely refinishing an old bureau in the backyard, listening to French cafe music, and journaling ideas for our new novel in the warmth of the afternoon sun.

As such, maybe you’ve been thinking about different ways that you could start an online business you can do from anywhere in the world—or reinvent the one you’ve got—but there’s only one problem: you DREAD the idea of having to show up online and do all of the gaggy marketing things like:

1. Running a community.
2. Or killing yourself doing reels or TikToks.
3. Or having a podcast or a YouTube channel.
4. Or bringing on a big team.
5. Or doing live webinars.
6. Or doing big, live launches.
7. Or making yourself squirm on video.

How many times have you stayed in the shadows of the online business world because you felt like a second-rate turnip who didn’t belong, knowing you didn’t want to do all of that?

Well, guess what: NONE of these are part of The Selfish Method. That’s right. None of ‘em—and that’s by design.

Do you know why???? Because those things ensure that only the beautiful, charismatic, well-spoken superstars have success. That ensures that only the extroverted, perfectly-makeuped, power-hungry players have a place in this space. That ensures that you will forever play small, assuming that you have to be willing to do those things if you want to be successful.

But, The Selfish Method is about to bring opportunity back down to earth and show you a better way. Because we are SELFISH. And, someone’s gotta go first, right?

I’ve been working with a group of early beta testers, and when we had THE TALK about social media, it became clear that this mission is really resonating.

Here are some of their comments they made—how many of these do you agree with? ⬇️

Does Anybody Really Want to Be on Social Media Anymore?

"Definitely over the idea of having to be an online personality, and having to show up for people constantly, having to be charismatic when I'm not feeling up to it, and having to try to make the masses happy all the time. I'm starting to figure out I don't actually HAVE to do all those things."

"Something always felt OFF about other models of online business. I think you've finally articulated why that was for me - they *were* off! All these models caused more stress than they were worth. And I desire ease—the idea of signing up for never-ending requests on my time makes my skin want to crawl."

"I feel major cringe factor when I even THINK about a Facebook group, or online community, because I don't want to think about having to constantly ENGAGE!! Sounds awful and time consuming, and I want to throw on an oversized tee that says NOPE! Constant content creation terrifies me and wants to make me vomit. I see people online who constantly create, and it lacks value, and I just don't want to turn into someone who believes the more I post the more successful I'll be, the more likes and engagement I'll get, the more money I'll make, etc."

"Private person here, taking myself out of the game ALL THE FREAKING TIME because I don't have professional photos, won't do video and don't get me started about TikTok. Sigh. I have tried other online business models and the only time I had success (freelancing 1:1) I burned out so hard I'm still recovering."

"I'm not comfortable with social media anymore. I tried. For a long time. Years actually, but it's just not my jam if I'm being truthful with myself. Congratulating "Clive" on his 17 years with the local shire on LinkedIn is not my idea of networking. Facebook and Instagram hurt my brain these days. And as much as I love a bit of conscious TikTok consumption, dancing like Barney the f-ing dinosaur to draw attention to my brand is a 'NO' from me."

"F**k social media, what a soul-sucking guilt-inducing waste of time. I see more and more people rejecting that idea lately and it's affirming to see it here too."

"The Selfish Method is like a breath of fresh air: where I don't have to live in Instagram stories or get another hive from a webinar."

"I don't want to run a community; I get triggered by the Slack notification sound from my years as an agency account manager. Makes me go cry in the bathroom."

"I hate people so I never wanted to run an online community. I hate being a boss so I definitely don't want to deal with a team. I've discovered I don't want to write for 15 different people at once. Just writing for one is enough for me - mostly because I'd rather write for myself. I hate predatory, bro-vibe marketing. I'd literally rather stay in my current job making other people rich than do any of that. What I want is to be helpful to other people. I have knowledge and experience that I think will help other people live a better life. I just don't know how to package it."

Um, how many of them did you say YES to?!

The Selfish Method is doing online business differently using a proven model I developed & tested over the past two years.

The goal?

A $250K online business around your passions. While working 4-hour half days. And traveling 500% more.

Simple. Streamlined. Full of ease, joy, and power.

It’s about going back to the basics. It’s about being ruthless with our time. It’s about using technology to help us, rather than harm us. And, it’s about making the kinds of workstyle decisions that support the *lifestyle* we want.

Does this sound like a breath of fresh air?!

You need SELFISH 101, a new 90-minute on-demand streaming workshop with me, Ash Ambirge, founder of Selfish Forever, that’s going to introduce you to The Selfish Method for creating a social-free, constant-content-creation-hamster-wheel-free, low-stress approach to a modern online business you can do from *anywhere*...without performing your life away.

Just $95 to feel calm, clear & motivated again.

I’ll see you at the cabin! ;)


P.S. My cabin will totally be decorated like a Scottish whisky lodge, with all the fireplaces & tartan the eye can see! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🦌 🥃

It's refreshing and relieving to learn there's another way to run a business that's profitable, fun, helping others and that doesn't require me to remain stuck on my chair for decades, wondering if I should (or not) add an emoji or eat another jar of hazelnut spread. —Purdey Penrose, Founder of Comfort Zone Rocks 

"I love Ash's teaching style. It's:  articulate - logical -ultra fun - super entertaining - useful and applicable. "



Ash's advice is to the point, the course is quick & easy, and a lot of the advice is eye opening and PURE GOLD for re-energizing my efforts to get my powerful healing work out into the world. —Jennifer Parsley, PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitator 

"This was one of the most helpful, clear, concise online business courses I have taken in a long time. "

is officially selfish!


Latest  Claps for Selfish 101

Eye-opening! I'm a little embarrassed to say I've been in business for myself for a dozen years, and Selfish 101 supplied a missing link. It's high-level and you'll definitely need a more detailed map but this is the shortcut you've been looking for. —Max Daniels, creator of Become a Normal Eater by Bedtime Tonight 

"Selfish 101 supplied a missing link!"



I've created things and sold them online since 2013, and am exhausted. Ash's Selfish 101 class was exactly what I needed to confirm (from the person I most respect online) that the next chapter I'd penciled out was possible. Highly, highly recommend to anyone looking to either improve their online business (as in, make it more livable!) or start one this year.—Emily McIntyre, CEO, Public Speaker, & Magic Worker

"Exactly what I needed to confirm—from the person I most respect online—that the next chapter was possible."

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I finally feel THIS LIFESTYLE IS POSSIBLE! I say yes to auto-piloting my work and forcus on intentional travel! Can't wait for Selfish School! —Dr. Rebecca York

"This course ignites the dream of the digital nomad!"

is officially selfish!


Ash delivers the goods in a relatable way with a style all her own. I have been a fan and follower for years. I read her book, took another course and every second invested was well worth it! I can tell you going through Selfish School module 101, I knew this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Selfishly ready to hit the ground running with Ash Ambirge! —Patti P.

Every second invested was well worth it!"



 All of the things you really want to execute, the things you think about on a loop, and the things you just wish someone could pull out of you...that's her superpower. I've taken every course offered and I swear there's good in every single one. It also helps she just happens to be funny as hell too! —Dinos Stamoulis

"Ash is like a rare Haley's comet that blows shit up inside your mind."


is officially selfish!

Oh my gosh! Do it! Selfish 101 is life changing. Here you get all the components for your desired lifestyle. You don't need to figure out how to build an online business that actually works on your own. This is done-for-you already. Most relevant besides the Selfish Engine (I looove that!) is why all the other classical online-business-concepts won't work. I had this gut-feeling and seeing the downsides of the classical approach really was an eye-opener. My gut-feelings were right. And here's the concept to change that! —Claudia, NeuroArchitect

"Selfish 101 is life changing!"



Ash made this engaging and fun. Brilliantly taught! A great concept for anyone who wants to get out of the creator rat race. —Janelle Holden, freelance business developer and author of From Montana to Portugal newsletter on Substack

"Brilliantly taught!"

is officially selfish!


Ash has a magical way of making things feel fun, exciting and oh-so-possible (no matter what stage you're in). After a few slogging years, I'm ready to breathe new life into my biz with the Selfish Method! —Ashley De Filippis, Life & Business Coach

"HOORAY for a fresh approach to business building!"


is officially selfish!

Every time I feel stuck, frustrated, and ready to surrender to eating my body weight in cheese, she comes along with another brilliant way to reignite my potential and help me unapologetically press on. Selfish 101 is no exception. Ash demystifies normally overwhelming ideas with her signature cheeky, no-nonsense approachability. (Pro tip: do yourself a favor and plan to purchase anything she ever offers. Your business, intellect, and sense of humor will thank you.) —Brittany, Brand Storyteller / Professional Provocateur

"If Bridget Jones and Bellatrix Lestrange had a baby that grew up to be a business fairy godmother, it would be Ash Ambirge. "


is officially selfish!

The twenty minute video in lesson #5 alone was worth all the money I spent on the course. It actually made me realize that while I don't have "intellectual" property to sell (yet!) I definitely have the means to DO WHAT I WANT, remotely, from anywhere, and be comforable AF while doing it! Ash asks you to ask yourself, "What do you REALLY want," about a hundred times—and ONE twenty minute segment alone has given me the balls to go forth and live boldly! —Kristi Keller

"For anyone on the fence about taking this class, please just tell yourself YES."


is officially selfish!